Friday, 4 November 2011

Fall(ing for) Silk Floral

Stop. I know I have not been a very good blogger this week. I was, however, a good grown-up this week. I started selling my furniture. And getting things in order for my departure. Which is in 3 weeks. My Ma called the other day. Told me she had been losing sleep over all the things I had left to do. Then she proceeded to list them all. Once she was done rambling off a list of tasks that most normal people would have started at least a month before moving, she said these priceless words and asked me this question:

"There's just so much to do! Aren't you overwhelmed?"

My response was 3 words: Now I am. Thanks Mom.

Ugh. Being a grown-up is no fun sometimes. I know she's just trying to help. Which she is. Always. And I am always thankful for it. She does an awful lot for me, I know. And I really do appreciate it. Even if I act like a brat sometimes. Because I do. (Yes. Still!)

I also have to admit that I haven't been feeling my most creative this week. I think that's another one of the reasons I've been slacking on this little ol' blog here. I can always tell when I've lost my creative mojo when my outfits lack any flare or pizazz.

So. In an effort to rejuvenate my soul and get the creative juices flowing again I did the following 3 things:

                          1. Made a cup of tea. (Because tea makes everything better.)
                          2. Re-read my mantras.
                          3. Posted the below photos from a "mantra-inspired" photoshoot (shot by fave photoman Raph).

silk floral dress {Zara} - red belt {Spank} - taupe "blanket" sweater {Target} - brown tights & knee socks {The Bay} - 
tan riding-inspired boots {The Bay} - green globe earrings {Venice, Italy} - green beads {gift}

Ahh. I feel better already. Don't you?


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