Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some Paisley + Why Target will be the Death of Me

dress {Target} - sandals {Aldo} - earrings {etsy}

I'm not even sure if paisley is still in style but I've always had a soft spot for this print. I have to say the shape of this dress is making stars align and unicorns appear for me. I have to thank Target for bringing this dress into my life but I also have a few bones to pick with them. They came to Canada and while I was a bit skeptical after visiting one in a mall, a free-standing location opened up and decided to be all awesome and stuff. I may have gone to Target more than three times in the last ten days, I may have purchased three dresses from there in the last week and I may have said no to a pair of sunnies only to go back the very next day to buy them. I may have.

Please Target, stop being so awesome and Canadian already (kidding, don't you dare).


Monday, 22 July 2013

The Head Scarf

scarf {Winners, I think} - dress {Target} - sunnies {Urban Outfitters} - sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21}

Let's talk about the head scarf for a minute. I'll be real honest here folks and admit that I needed to wash my hair. Instead of doing that, though, I decided to try out tying a scarf around my head like a karate kid hippy (both names that I was called throughout the day). I should rewind for a hot second and tell you that I totally completely ripped this look off of my bestie, Sasha Rae. She wore it (under the same circumstances, I should add) last weekend in Vancouver. If people's lack of commentary about the scarf is any indication of who wore it best, than I am in trouble. The commentary wasn't negative, in fact it definitely had positive undertones and top notes, but the main theme had sort of a confused yet amused vibe. I have never worn a piece of clothing that has garnered this much attention before. I was offered scarves by two sales people in two separate stores, one of which was a bookstore and every person who saw me mentioned it, pointed at it or made a joke about it within minutes, often seconds, of seeing me. 

People's reaction to the head scarf was definitely much stronger than I ever anticipated and while I had thought that I might feel self conscious about it, I decided to own it instead. I really enjoyed wearing it and basking in the little alter-ego that it created for me. I also have to say that as a bangs girl for many consecutive years, it was a welcome relief from what usually happens in the summer (read: sweaty brow).


Thursday, 18 July 2013

People who give their dogs a human name + me wearing a "Blossom" hat

hat {Old Navy} - shirt {Winners} - shorts {Old Navy} - bracelets {NYC boutique} - necklace {Banana Republic} -
 sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21} - dog {Jimmy}

My neighbor's dog came into the back lane while my sis-in-law snapped these pics of me. He was quite curious and decided that simply going about his own business was not an option. He especially loved it when I scratched underneath his chin and even asked me to dance at one point. If this wasn't enough to win me over (it was), turns out his name is Jimmy. Jimmy! Like the tall, gangly boy in your grade 8 math class. After this encounter with the dog that has a human name, I have since had the discussion, on more than one occasion, about how funny and great this concept is. My sis-in-law wants to name her (non-existent) french bull dog, Frank whereas I think it'd awesome to have an english bull dog named Lucy. Equal parts strange and awesome.

In other, entirely unrelated news, I have come to the realization that my brand new sun hat looks an awful lot like Blossom's hat on the popular 90's sitcom. And as awesome as that resemblance may sound, I'm pretty sure it's not. I am one sunflower short of chopping my hair into a bob (been there) and busting out my denim overalls (I wish).


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Girly Boyfriend and a Girly Weekend

jacket {thrifted} - shirt {Banana Republic} - pants {Gap} - shoes {Zellers} - necklace {etsy}

I have to tell you, I really like the fancy/girly shoe with boyfriend fit pants pairing! I think it pumps up an outfit from conservative casual to - dare I say it - sexy. This may be one of those trends, however, that girls deem sexy while the opposite sex looks on, confused and clueless. You know what I'm talking about! We think baggy pants paired with high heels is down right slammin' but the dudes are certainly not complimenting our pairing capabilities and kind of wishing we were wearing tighter pants, or better yet nothing a skirt. Anyways, I felt awesome in this outfit and that always wins out for me. Feel awesome, be awesome. That's a good motto to live by.

I'm taking a quick vacay this week to visit my Westcoast girls and could not be more excited about it! One year is just too long to go without seeing your besties.


p.s. photos by my amazing sis-in-law!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

One Jean Jacket, Three Ways

So I've been really crushing on denim jackets lately and had been casually trying them on whenever I saw them in a store. For whatever the reason - too light, too boxy, not comfortable - I wasn't able to find one I liked, until this one. I think denim jackets are the perfect summer accessory, because they can casual up a dressier look and even dress up a casual one. Here are three ways I styled my new denim jacket! The first is what I dubbed "tried and true", meaning that it's the most traditional way of styling of the three ways. I decided to go over top of a black dress, which is cotton jersey so not super fancy, and my peep-toe booties. It's easy, fancy enough to go out in but still laid back just the right amount.

jean jacket {Old Navy} - dress {Old Navy} - shoes {ASOS} - earrings {old, etsy I think} - necklace {gift}

So, obviously I had to wear my jacket as part of the infamous Canadian tuxedo, which literally translates to "wear as much denim as possible". The only thing missing from this outfit is a denim vest...and maybe a denim belt for good measure. In truth though, I could've pushed farther and paired it with blue jeans but I think this is a bit more realistic in terms of how I will actually wear this look. I really love the look of a denim or chambray shirt worn underneath a jean jacket. I also think this would look cute with denim cut-offs or just a pair of great shorts!

jean jacket {Old Navy} - chambray shirt {sample sale} - jeans {Old Navy} - boots {Steven by Steve Madden via Century 21}

The last look I styled with my dark denim jacket was my surprise standout of the three. I really loved the way it looked buttoned up and worn almost as a shirt. The only thing was that the sleeve cuffs were straight up cutting the circulation from my arms. We all know the little saying "fashion is pain" - or something like that - but when the only arm movements I could make successfully made me resemble a zombie at best and a t-rex at worst, I knew this outfit needed a slight adjustment. I will have to try out different ways of rolling the sleeves up that high, because I think being able to bend my elbow is going to win over fashion's sake. But I still loved the way it looked enough to declare it standout of the three different looks!

jean jacket {Old Navy} - skirt {Joe Fresh} - sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21} - scarf {I really can't remember, is that bad?}

I can't wait to keep styling my new denim jacket in different ways. Isn't fashion fun? No, just me? OK.