Monday, 22 July 2013

The Head Scarf

scarf {Winners, I think} - dress {Target} - sunnies {Urban Outfitters} - sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21}

Let's talk about the head scarf for a minute. I'll be real honest here folks and admit that I needed to wash my hair. Instead of doing that, though, I decided to try out tying a scarf around my head like a karate kid hippy (both names that I was called throughout the day). I should rewind for a hot second and tell you that I totally completely ripped this look off of my bestie, Sasha Rae. She wore it (under the same circumstances, I should add) last weekend in Vancouver. If people's lack of commentary about the scarf is any indication of who wore it best, than I am in trouble. The commentary wasn't negative, in fact it definitely had positive undertones and top notes, but the main theme had sort of a confused yet amused vibe. I have never worn a piece of clothing that has garnered this much attention before. I was offered scarves by two sales people in two separate stores, one of which was a bookstore and every person who saw me mentioned it, pointed at it or made a joke about it within minutes, often seconds, of seeing me. 

People's reaction to the head scarf was definitely much stronger than I ever anticipated and while I had thought that I might feel self conscious about it, I decided to own it instead. I really enjoyed wearing it and basking in the little alter-ego that it created for me. I also have to say that as a bangs girl for many consecutive years, it was a welcome relief from what usually happens in the summer (read: sweaty brow).


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  1. Love this! I need to learn how to pull it off like you do!


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