Thursday, 18 July 2013

People who give their dogs a human name + me wearing a "Blossom" hat

hat {Old Navy} - shirt {Winners} - shorts {Old Navy} - bracelets {NYC boutique} - necklace {Banana Republic} -
 sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21} - dog {Jimmy}

My neighbor's dog came into the back lane while my sis-in-law snapped these pics of me. He was quite curious and decided that simply going about his own business was not an option. He especially loved it when I scratched underneath his chin and even asked me to dance at one point. If this wasn't enough to win me over (it was), turns out his name is Jimmy. Jimmy! Like the tall, gangly boy in your grade 8 math class. After this encounter with the dog that has a human name, I have since had the discussion, on more than one occasion, about how funny and great this concept is. My sis-in-law wants to name her (non-existent) french bull dog, Frank whereas I think it'd awesome to have an english bull dog named Lucy. Equal parts strange and awesome.

In other, entirely unrelated news, I have come to the realization that my brand new sun hat looks an awful lot like Blossom's hat on the popular 90's sitcom. And as awesome as that resemblance may sound, I'm pretty sure it's not. I am one sunflower short of chopping my hair into a bob (been there) and busting out my denim overalls (I wish).


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