Tuesday, 2 July 2013

One Jean Jacket, Three Ways

So I've been really crushing on denim jackets lately and had been casually trying them on whenever I saw them in a store. For whatever the reason - too light, too boxy, not comfortable - I wasn't able to find one I liked, until this one. I think denim jackets are the perfect summer accessory, because they can casual up a dressier look and even dress up a casual one. Here are three ways I styled my new denim jacket! The first is what I dubbed "tried and true", meaning that it's the most traditional way of styling of the three ways. I decided to go over top of a black dress, which is cotton jersey so not super fancy, and my peep-toe booties. It's easy, fancy enough to go out in but still laid back just the right amount.

jean jacket {Old Navy} - dress {Old Navy} - shoes {ASOS} - earrings {old, etsy I think} - necklace {gift}

So, obviously I had to wear my jacket as part of the infamous Canadian tuxedo, which literally translates to "wear as much denim as possible". The only thing missing from this outfit is a denim vest...and maybe a denim belt for good measure. In truth though, I could've pushed farther and paired it with blue jeans but I think this is a bit more realistic in terms of how I will actually wear this look. I really love the look of a denim or chambray shirt worn underneath a jean jacket. I also think this would look cute with denim cut-offs or just a pair of great shorts!

jean jacket {Old Navy} - chambray shirt {sample sale} - jeans {Old Navy} - boots {Steven by Steve Madden via Century 21}

The last look I styled with my dark denim jacket was my surprise standout of the three. I really loved the way it looked buttoned up and worn almost as a shirt. The only thing was that the sleeve cuffs were straight up cutting the circulation from my arms. We all know the little saying "fashion is pain" - or something like that - but when the only arm movements I could make successfully made me resemble a zombie at best and a t-rex at worst, I knew this outfit needed a slight adjustment. I will have to try out different ways of rolling the sleeves up that high, because I think being able to bend my elbow is going to win over fashion's sake. But I still loved the way it looked enough to declare it standout of the three different looks!

jean jacket {Old Navy} - skirt {Joe Fresh} - sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21} - scarf {I really can't remember, is that bad?}

I can't wait to keep styling my new denim jacket in different ways. Isn't fashion fun? No, just me? OK.


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