Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Monochromatic + Feeling Awesome

jacket {Loft} - tee {Gap} - jeans {Joe Fresh} - shoes {Zellers} - long necklace {Banana Republic}

I don't usually seek out trends, but the monochromatic look is something that has been catching my eye lately, in all the right ways. I decided to give it a try and believe it or not, it was actually harder than I thought to find three pieces in my closet that were in the same color family. I guess this girl likes her color and prints. Anyways, this is what I came up with and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I think it's important to think about texture and other details when pairing items of similar hues to keep some interest in the outfit. That's why this jacket, with the contrast material, and the criss-cross shoes were the perfect choices to complement an otherwise basic outfit.

These shoes are hidden gems, I tell ya. I bought them in Lloydminster (the middle of nowhere) at a Zellers! It was just one of those times when you happen to see them, sitting all lonely in the clearance section, in your size just begging you to take them home. They are ridiculously comfortable for heels, flattering on the foot and I just feel awesome in them. And I think every girl needs a few items in her closet that just make her feel really, really great!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Waiting it Out for the Life You Imagined

jacket {Jacob} - blouse {Old Navy} - jeans {RW&Co} - sandals {Aldo}

For someone who prides themselves on being a pretty good multi-tasker when it comes to school or work, when it comes to looking for a job I am a one-task wonder. What I mean by this is that I usually find one opportunity that I set my heart on and I have a hard time pursuing other options while that dream job is on the table. This may be a generational way of thinking because both my parents have been heard saying that I should be lining up offers and putting them on the back burner, just in case. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their advice (well, most of the time) and I can see where they are coming from but I just can't help but focus all of my efforts on landing the perfect gig. 

I believe in the power of positive thinking and envisioning your life the way you want it. I have a hard time seeing the value in taking a job just for the sake of having a job (please note that I realize that sometimes circumstance prevents us from having the luxury of choice, and I know that I am lucky to be in a position right now where I don't need to take whatever job comes along). If being in NYC taught me anything it's that I know I want to work in a creative environment that fosters growth and out of the box thinking. I believe it is better for me, in the long run, to hold out for a job that fits this criteria. Most people search for a job that is best suited to their education or the subject that they specialized in. For me that would be marketing. But finding THE job for me is so much more than finding a job in marketing. I know that I could market for almost any type of company, but the thing is I don't want to. I believe that waiting it out for a job in marketing in the right kind of environment will lead to more job satisfaction, personal development and growth and long-term opportunities than I ever could have wished for. I know that I am worth it and I know that the perfect job is out there for me.

This may come across as privileged or lazy and I certainly don't mean for it to be. I am a dreamer and a believer and I set out two years ago to create the life that I had envisioned for myself. So, I can't help but ask, "why stop now"?


Friday, 14 June 2013

A Summer Casual Uniform That's One Step Up From PJ's

 jeans & tee {Gap} - shoes {TOMS, thrifted*} - ampersand necklace {Etsy}

What does one wear when they grow tired of sweatpants everyday, you ask? Why, this of course! Nearly as comfortable as PJ's, these jeans save me from feeling like a total slob.

I really wish I had something exciting to tell you, or at the very least a funny story to share. Sadly, I don't so I won't waste your time. This now marks the most pointless post I've written to date. I feel like this is where I should say sorry.


*On second thought, I could've told you that I bought my TOMS shoes for $4 at a flea market and after close inspection to a pair I already owned, they are definitely real, or at the very least VERY well made knock-offs. I'm not sure if that story is any better than me talking about nothing...

Thursday, 13 June 2013

NYC Flashback: Getting Jazzy with It

A month or so before I left NYC, my friend Leyla suggested that we go to a jazz show in Harlem. I was definitely game and she knew of a really neat place that was like nothing I'd ever heard of before. This woman (last photo, left side) lives in Harlem and has been a jazz enthusiast and pianist for years. Every Sunday, she opens up her home to the public and has different musicians come and play for a few hours. These people aren't getting paid for their time, they are simply there because of a mutual love for soul. It was such an incredible experience and probably the most organic musical experience I've ever had. You could feel the music in your bones. It truly was soul at its absolute best. My favorite was the bass player, no question. If the music alone wasn't good enough, there was an intermission in which she served apple juice and granola bars. Brilliant!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to Mix Prints Like a Crazy Person

I love a good horizontal stripe. I am drawn to them like moths to a flame. I am willing to put up with the supposed ten extra pounds that horizontal stripes add, that's how much I love my stripes. This being said, I thought I'd do another "1 item, X ways" post, like I did here, here and here. I'm also no stranger to mixing prints and firmly believe the more prints in one outfit, the better. So, here we go!

blazer & wedges {Target} - blouse {sample sale} - skirt {Old Navy}

Perhaps the busiest of the three outfits, I think the key to these pieces working together was the consistent size and color of the patterns. The polka-dot shirt and the skirt are about the same size of print, if that makes sense. I'd call them medium prints. It's not a micro dot shirt paired with a jumbo striped skirt. The blazer is a larger print, but since the other two are similar, it works. All three pieces are in the same color family, which helps keep things cohesive. And who doesn't love a good color blocked wedge? I'd wear this outfit to the office, provided it was a somewhat creative atmosphere and I had a job (details..).

tank {Target} - skirt {Old Navy} - sandals {Aldo}

This outfit ended up being my favorite, I think because I was the most comfortable in it. I occasionally stray from stripes and find myself lusting after prints with a distinct ikat or tribal motif. So I figured it was time to introduce the two of them and let me tell you, they got along swimmingly. I would wear this outfit to have drinks with friends, provided I had friends (kidding...kind of).

blouse {sample sale} - skirt {Old Navy} - shoes {thrifted}

This outfit was the surprise stand out of the day. I mean, mixing stripes with polka-dots and even florals is no brain surgery, but these three prints came together surprisingly well, if I do say so myself. Again, I think the consistent color palette between the blouse and the shoes helped keep things from being "your great Aunt crazy". Also, if you think about it (and I do..) the heart print blouse is really just a slight variation of a polka-dot. Which brings me to the shoes, I wish ALL my shoes had polka-dots on them, I really do. I would wear this outfit to a family dinner, because they HAVE to love me.

Have you guys ever mixed patterns together for an unexpected success? Let me know, I'd love to try more!