Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Calling All Booties

top & jeans {RW&Co} - booties {Dolce Vita via Century 21} - watch {Target}

So, I have a bit of a thing for ankle booties. What exactly is a bootie anyways? Is it a cross between a boot and a shoe? (I'm trying really hard to not make a joke about something called a "shoot" right now...). I'm sure there are varying definitions, but in my head a bootie is exactly that. A nice mix of a shoe and an ankle boot. This pair happens to be one of my faves. Partly because it has a hidden wedge heel so I a) feel taller b) can still walk (because of the wedge) and c) feel like a secret-keeping rebel (because of the hidden wedge heel, of course). Also, a fun little tip to spice up a pair of boring old booties is to swap out the regular laces for a different colored pair. Trust me, instant transformation, even more instant satisfaction.

I'll let you in on a gross little secret. I have upwards of a hundred pairs of shoes. I've never actually counted - partly because I'm scared to know the truth but mainly because there are just too many shoes - but I know it has to be close. Many of these shoes are booties (or ankle boots, or whatever you want to call them). They just seem to be the perfect complement to any Fall outfit. Warm feet without hot legs (this sounded much better in my head). Can be worn with skinny jeans, skirts or dresses. Oh, the possibilities!

Anyways, things are starting to get a bit weird so I'll stop. But do yourself a favor if you don't already have a pair (or ten), and go invest (at Target) in some ankle booties for the Fall.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fancy Sweatshirts + Fashion Fails

sweatshirt {Old Navy} - chambray shirt {Forever 21} - skirt {Mexx} - tights {Gap} - booties {Topshop}

At work we've been talking about the fancy sweatshirt trend that we see popping up in both womenswear and kidswear. I am quite excited about this particular trend. Partly because it gives me a valid excuse to dress like a fourteen year old girl but also because it gave me a valid...errr okay just an excuse, to buy myself a fancy sweatshirt. As many of you know, the quickest way to my heart is by putting words on a piece of clothing. The actual word "heart" on a piece of clothing...didn't stand a chance.

You know how sometimes, you get really excited to wear an outfit but for one reason or another, something just doesn't quite jive right. Most of the time it just sneaks up on you but with this outfit, I saw it coming. I knew as soon as I pulled on my skirt that the cotton tights I had chosen were a bad idea. It's kinda like how when two magnets get near each other they're compelled to stick together. Well, consider my tights and skirt a pair of really strong magnets. Every time I walked or really even moved my legs at all, my skirt would inevitably get stuck to  my legs and bunch in unfortunate ways. I really should've just switched my tights or skirt (how 'bout one with lining...), but I was running late, had a vision, couldn't find any other tights, was too stubborn to change skirt because of stupid girl stuff, I didn't. So anyways, to wrap up this marathon of a story about tights, without better judgement, I wore something I knew was bound to malfunction. And so it did. And so I received not one, but two stink eyes as I walked by with THIS happening. And this, my friends, is known as a #FashionFail.

you're welcome :)