Thursday, 13 June 2013

NYC Flashback: Getting Jazzy with It

A month or so before I left NYC, my friend Leyla suggested that we go to a jazz show in Harlem. I was definitely game and she knew of a really neat place that was like nothing I'd ever heard of before. This woman (last photo, left side) lives in Harlem and has been a jazz enthusiast and pianist for years. Every Sunday, she opens up her home to the public and has different musicians come and play for a few hours. These people aren't getting paid for their time, they are simply there because of a mutual love for soul. It was such an incredible experience and probably the most organic musical experience I've ever had. You could feel the music in your bones. It truly was soul at its absolute best. My favorite was the bass player, no question. If the music alone wasn't good enough, there was an intermission in which she served apple juice and granola bars. Brilliant!


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