Friday, 14 June 2013

A Summer Casual Uniform That's One Step Up From PJ's

 jeans & tee {Gap} - shoes {TOMS, thrifted*} - ampersand necklace {Etsy}

What does one wear when they grow tired of sweatpants everyday, you ask? Why, this of course! Nearly as comfortable as PJ's, these jeans save me from feeling like a total slob.

I really wish I had something exciting to tell you, or at the very least a funny story to share. Sadly, I don't so I won't waste your time. This now marks the most pointless post I've written to date. I feel like this is where I should say sorry.


*On second thought, I could've told you that I bought my TOMS shoes for $4 at a flea market and after close inspection to a pair I already owned, they are definitely real, or at the very least VERY well made knock-offs. I'm not sure if that story is any better than me talking about nothing...

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