Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to Mix Prints Like a Crazy Person

I love a good horizontal stripe. I am drawn to them like moths to a flame. I am willing to put up with the supposed ten extra pounds that horizontal stripes add, that's how much I love my stripes. This being said, I thought I'd do another "1 item, X ways" post, like I did here, here and here. I'm also no stranger to mixing prints and firmly believe the more prints in one outfit, the better. So, here we go!

blazer & wedges {Target} - blouse {sample sale} - skirt {Old Navy}

Perhaps the busiest of the three outfits, I think the key to these pieces working together was the consistent size and color of the patterns. The polka-dot shirt and the skirt are about the same size of print, if that makes sense. I'd call them medium prints. It's not a micro dot shirt paired with a jumbo striped skirt. The blazer is a larger print, but since the other two are similar, it works. All three pieces are in the same color family, which helps keep things cohesive. And who doesn't love a good color blocked wedge? I'd wear this outfit to the office, provided it was a somewhat creative atmosphere and I had a job (details..).

tank {Target} - skirt {Old Navy} - sandals {Aldo}

This outfit ended up being my favorite, I think because I was the most comfortable in it. I occasionally stray from stripes and find myself lusting after prints with a distinct ikat or tribal motif. So I figured it was time to introduce the two of them and let me tell you, they got along swimmingly. I would wear this outfit to have drinks with friends, provided I had friends (kidding...kind of).

blouse {sample sale} - skirt {Old Navy} - shoes {thrifted}

This outfit was the surprise stand out of the day. I mean, mixing stripes with polka-dots and even florals is no brain surgery, but these three prints came together surprisingly well, if I do say so myself. Again, I think the consistent color palette between the blouse and the shoes helped keep things from being "your great Aunt crazy". Also, if you think about it (and I do..) the heart print blouse is really just a slight variation of a polka-dot. Which brings me to the shoes, I wish ALL my shoes had polka-dots on them, I really do. I would wear this outfit to a family dinner, because they HAVE to love me.

Have you guys ever mixed patterns together for an unexpected success? Let me know, I'd love to try more!


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