Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some Paisley + Why Target will be the Death of Me

dress {Target} - sandals {Aldo} - earrings {etsy}

I'm not even sure if paisley is still in style but I've always had a soft spot for this print. I have to say the shape of this dress is making stars align and unicorns appear for me. I have to thank Target for bringing this dress into my life but I also have a few bones to pick with them. They came to Canada and while I was a bit skeptical after visiting one in a mall, a free-standing location opened up and decided to be all awesome and stuff. I may have gone to Target more than three times in the last ten days, I may have purchased three dresses from there in the last week and I may have said no to a pair of sunnies only to go back the very next day to buy them. I may have.

Please Target, stop being so awesome and Canadian already (kidding, don't you dare).


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