Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thrifted Thursday

Hello again friends. It's been a while. I know. But it's hard to blog about style when you've been wearing fuchsia sweatpants for the past 3 days. Trust me. Not a pretty picture.

I've had a very productive week on the selling stuff and sorting front though. But I did promise you all a post a while back about these two thrifted pretties.



You will all notice the handy little "before" tags on these photos. You probably think the "after" photos are below. Don't you? Oh dear. This is awkward. There are no "after" photos....not yet anyways. Consider this a sneak peek. A preview. Although I must say that I don't think either of these pieces need much alteration. Let's break it down. (MC Hammer is now going through my head. And now probably yours. You're welcome.)

Thrifted Item: Cranberry Plaid Suit
Made in: Great Britan
Made of: 100% Lambswool
Bought from: Value Village (VV Boutique, if you will)
For: $9.99 (BOTH items!!!)

What can can I possibly do to make it even more FAB, you ask? To the Blazer? Nothing. Not a single thing. It fits like a glove. Thank you very much. And to the Skirt? I say shorten it. To the top of the pleats. Make it a high-waisted mini. My only concern is the proportion. But I think it will look better. It's a lot of plaid right now. A whole lotta plaid. 


Thrifted Item: Navy Blue Sailor Dress
Made in: Japan (guess based on language of tags)
Made of: 90% Acrylic, 10% Wool (tag was in Japanese...another perk of working at a boarding school)
Bought from: VV Boutique
For: $9.99

This little treasure only needs a few minor nips and tucks to make it suitable for the 21st century. So what am I going to do to the length? Nothing. Come on. Who do you think I am? What about that fit? A little nipping required through the waist. Easy fix. (Although I may still wait for my Nana's assistance...). Good plan. Just in case. The collar has got to go. Trust me. It will look way better. Way. And last but not least. The sleeves. I'm thinking shorten. Either 3/4 length. Or short-sleeved.

What do you think I should (or shouldn't!) do to these two thrifted gems?



  1. yes... short, plaid mini with high waist! and when you move to NYC can you please teach me how to sew?!? :)

  2. For the dress, keep the collar and make the sleeves short.

  3. I will definitely teach you how to sew Michele!! Can't wait!!

    Sand....I will do the sleeves and body first and see what it looks like with the collar before I do anything drastic. :)

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! <3


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