Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Before & After: Vintage Polka-Stars

Please don't hate me. I am totally copping out with this post. This is a little vintage re-work project I did back in September. I came across this red silk skirt and matching top with tiny white stars all over it at a local consignment store. 100% silk. Early 80's. Tiny stars all over a (floor length) skirt and button-up shirt (with shoulder pads). What wasn't to love? The ladies in the consignment store were skeptical, at best. I told them to use their imagination. After a few nips here and a couple tucks there, I was confident I would have something worth saving. I left all excitedly. Went home, got out the sewing machine. A couple hours later. Voila!
(I was so excited with my first vintage re-work but had no one to share my success with.  So I went back to the consignment store where I had bought the outfit. The ladies nearly lost it. Whether that was due to my inspiring vision and (slightly maniacal) dedication to seeing said vision through to the finish or them taking pity on the crazy girl with nothing better to do than come back to the store for the second time that day...one will never tell.)

 I liked that by adding the thick belt it made the two pieces look like one. A cute little polka-star dress.

I recently bought two new vintage pieces that need a little "finessing". Stay tuned!



  1. way to go on taking something okay and turning it into something really cute! i've been dying to go to the thrift store. i'm not sure why i haven't.


  2. I completely love what you did to that dress! Looks gorgeous!


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