Monday, 7 November 2011

The Nautical Lumberjack

I'm starting to get that excited/anxious/can't sleep/can't wait feeling. You know the one. It's the same one you get before your favorite holiday. May that be your birthday. Or Christmas. Mine is Christmas. Or vacations. In this case it's both. But more imminently it's a vacation. To - arguably - my favorite place on earth. Palm Springs. More accurately, it's Palm Desert. Which is about 15 minutes away from Palm Springs. But they are basically the same thing. I've been going there with my parents my whole life. It was my family's version of a cabin. My parents are not "lake people". They are golfers. And Palm Desert has golf. So why do I love Palm Desert so much? (Do you even have to ask!?!). The Shopping! Lots and lots of shopping.

It has everything a girl could ask for.

A mall with the obligatory cheap trendy teeny bopper stores that I can't help but still shop at, like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe? Check.

An outdoor market with hundreds of different vendors ranging from artwork and lawn ornaments to jewelry and watches? Check.

An outlet mall several kilometers long (and do I have to remind you of my lust for outlet shopping)? Check.

A swanky shopping section that's fun to pretend in but only in my alter universe could I afford anything in any of the stores? Check.

And if that was not enough to get any shopaholic's heart racing. I have recently been inspired to start researching another kind of shopping. A type of shopping that I have dabbled in. And loved. But have never tried in Palm Desert before. Thrifting! There are lots of thrift stores in the area and even more white tops with loads of dough (no disrespect). I am so excited to see what's in store for me. 

faux fur ear-flap toque {H&M} - black hooded jacket { Uniqlo, NYC} - striped sweater {Jacob} -
floral tank {Target} - blue denim skinnies {The Gap} - wooly boots {Winners}

Until then,

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