Monday, 14 November 2011

Biker Chic

A lot of time went into this photo shoot friends. I drove around in circles for quite some time (I'm sorry planet). I was looking for the perfect backdrop. You know. One that matched my outfit. Ultimately I gave up and pretty much ended right where I started. So the backdrops don't necessarily match my outfit. But I think it turned out okay. And I am completely obsessed with my Microsoft Publisher trial.


wood bead necklace {Banana Republic} - jean jacket {thrifted} - purple cardigan {Banana Republic} - grey cowl neck dress and black leggings {Aritzia} - floral and leather belt {the store that shall not be named} - black leather biker boots {Paradise Boutique} 

Warning: shameless horn-tooting ahead! I have extraordinary skills luck finding jackets that fit me exactly right at thrift shops. Like the one you see above. And the one you see here. Not only do I have a gift for finding perfect-fitting treasures, but I am also ridiculously bargain savvy. Sometimes I feel bad about my gift. And consider using it for the greater good. Just kidding. When it comes to shopping, I take more of a survival of the fittest kind of attitude. Anyways. Moral of this extremely modest story: the jean jacket you see above, fitting me like perfection cost me $4 folks. Less than my Starbucks. Not buying it would have been just wrong. 


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