Sunday, 13 November 2011

Winter Wish List

  1. Blue suede studded loafers {Loeffler Randall}. Blue suede shoes. Bedazzled blue suede shoes. Need I say more?
  2. I love me a little cape. Particularly this little plaid number {Dorothy Perkins}. Who else loves that it is perfectly acceptable for grown women to wear capes? Like we're super heros. Because let's face it. Most of us are.
  3. Sexy. Nerd. Glasses. It's inappropriate to feel this way toward an accessory. And even more inappropriate to blog about it. But I do. And I just did. Moving on...
  4. I am not only bursting with excitement at the plethora of possible post titles that this particular item will come with. I also happen to think fur vests look kinda badass. In a 1920's kind of way. This one will be mine {BB Dakota Janika via Urban Outfitters}.
  5. I need (and I really mean need, not want) a pair of everyday winter shoes. But they have to be comfortable. And stylish (obvi). And go with everything. I'm sorta in love with these ankle booties {J Crew}. But the over-indulgent shopaholic with no limits in me wants a pair in each color. Sort of defeats the purpose of an everyday shoe...
  6. I know it's very trendy right now. Which I kind of hate. But I can't help but love anything aztec. Seriously love. Like this beautiful sweater {BB Dakota via Polyvore}. That I would do slightly frowned upon things for.
  7. I dare you to find something more festive than metallic finger nails. I dare you.

This post took an obscene amount of time. Obscene. It was supposed to be Saturday's post. Oh well. It was so much fun to put together my winter wish list. And I could have made it ten times longer. But I practiced restraint. Barely.

What are you asking for this holiday season?



  1. LOVING all of the above, especially #1, 2, &5. xo

  2. actually I meant 4, 2, and 5. Haha... just had to clear that up... thought the 4 was a 1.


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