Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Little Funny

Hi Friends!

I'm alive. Barely. Burried under mountains of boxes. I have 3 days left. Still lots to do. I'm not panicking. Yet. Which is a good thing. Anyways. I did see this commercial on TV and laughed. my. a**. off. What you are about to see is in no way me endorsing Walmart, per se. Nor am I suggesting you shop there. Do what you want. All this is, is a hats off to the creative folks in marketing. Cause this is some funny sh**. (I apologize for the potty mouth tonight)

Now I'm off to watch Twilight (insert wild, high-pitched screams) with Sasha. And later I'll be dreaming of when I get to shop Black Friday sales. Real soon. Can't wait.

Until then,


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