Sunday, 4 March 2012

J. Loves {His} Style: A Breath of Fresh Air

Meet Bernard. He's from Singapore. And I love his style. Read on to find out why!


Bernard came into our Fashion Design class a couple weeks ago wearing this. Although I'm usually not drawn to tone-on-tone looks, I was immediately drawn to his. Feeling the Winter blues in a major way these days, this bright blue ensemble had me pining for warmer days.


He pretended to be bashful about posing for me in the hallway, but then he started killing it. I knew he had it in him all along.

I liked that he broke up the blue with a plain white tee. And don't forget his navy blue sneakers. Which are really quite fancy. They are leather and have nice stitching detail which gives them an oxford sort of feel.

I think Bernard and I would both agree that dressing for Spring is much more preferable than dressing for Winter. Being a huge blazer fan myself, it really gets me down to then have to squeeze my blazer wearing self into a jacket. It constricts my arm movement, which is usually holding a Starbucks. And we most definitely can't have that. Hear that, Mother Nature? You can go ahead and send Spring along any day now...

A little shout out to Bernard for being my first "j. loves {HIS} style" muse!


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  1. Back ground compliments the color of the outfit.


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