Wednesday, 28 March 2012

J. Loves {Her} Style: Nerdy Neon

Meet Steph. She's from California. And I love her style. Read on to find out why!

I first took a liking to Steph's outfit in our Textiles class. She wasn't even wearing her gorgeous teal coat yet and I was drooling over her neon lace detailed top. I am really loving the neon trend right now and am kinda jealous of people who can wear the colors on their top half - this redhead, not so much...

When Steph got chilly in class, she slipped on her coat and I actually elbowed Kiki (also in the class) who was sitting beside me. I told her that Steph's outfit just got even better, as if that was possible. I die for the combination of the neon yellowish green and teal together.

Steph is all about the details when it comes to her style, which I always notice and appreciate. First, the bag she was using for all her books was a burlap tote from Elegant Fabrics. Burlap, people! Making a comeback. You should know I have a slight obsession for burlap. Next, her glasses. Love, love, love me some stylishly nerdy frames. I also loved how she paired the flowy, feminine skirt with black leather boots and don't even get me started on her thigh high polka-dot socks!

Self-described as having a grandma chic style, Steph really knows how to pull off conservative, frilly pieces by pairing them with on trend items and adding in elements of the unexpected, like her boots and socks.

Whenever I see Steph, I always adore what she's wearing and usually want at least one of her items for myself. This day was certainly no exception.

Thanks to Steph for being a constant source of inspiration and for bearing the chilly Spring day for a few photos!


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  1. Ahh! When I opened up Google Reader, your blog was the first one and whose face do I see staring at me? Heheh...cute model, Jaimie. And I love reading your fun writing and funny comments. Blog on, lady!


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