Saturday, 31 March 2012

New York Happenings

This is what I was wearing when I had my second celebrity sighting since moving to NYC. I actually put this outfit together for that really big project I was talking about the other night, but truth betold, I would definitely wear this look in real life. I just felt the need to mention that in order to prepare you all for the really impressive sweater modeling you see below...

navy & white striped sweater {Banana Republic} - denim button-up {Forever 21} - aviator sunnies {Windsor} - hoop earrings {etsy} -
navy skirt {Loft} - white watch {Palm Desert street market} - gold & tan tote {Indigo} - white loafers {Isaac Mizrahi via Target}

So, after my extensive sweater modeling skills had been exhausted, I took myself to one of my favorite cafes in the neighbourhood for some lunch and to work on that huge project. Turns out the street the cafe is on was being used to film an upcoming movie, called Americana. Starring Ashley Greene. None other than the vampire, Alice Cullen, in the Twilight series.  I saw real live actors, all the film equipment and cameras and heard the director yelling "action" and "we're rolling". They kept filming the same scene right outside the cafe, one that involved high pitched screaming. After a few hours, the director yelled "and that's a wrap" (they really do say that stuff!) and all the excitement was over. Not going to lie, I'm not sure I would've recognized Ashley Greene on my own (what with, long brown hair, a healthy complexion and blood running through her veins...). But after the girls in the cafe filled me in, I still went all paparazzi on her and creepily took a few photos from the doorway.

Now, for those of you who were paying attention up there, I said this was my second celebrity sighting. The first was definitely even more exciting. Despite lasting all of ten seconds. But I was big time star struck. I was walking to class on Seventh Avenue and who do I see riding his bike in a charming baby blue sweater, slacks and some sneakers? I'll give you a hint. He has a camera around his neck and is approaching ninety. Give up? OK, I'll tell you. It was THE Bill Cunningham. Street fashion photographer extraordinaire for the NY Times. For those of you who don't know who this is, go watch the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" and fall in love. You'll thank me later.

Oh, New York. You're pretty cool.


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  1. ha, you are workin' that sweater girl. i'm definitely loving this polo style :)
    and SO very jealous that you got to see all these famous people. isn't ashley greene gorgeous?
    xo TJ


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