Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's a Man's World

There is really never a dull moment here in NYC. Even when you're walking to and from class, riding the subway, hailing a cab - all very mundane activities - you usually see something that just doesn't happen in regular places. Like when my Mom was here during Spring Break visiting me. We were hailing a cab outside my building and one of the black cars pulled up and asked us where we were going. We said Times Square and he gave us a ridiculous price. I said no thanks but he kept trying to barter with us. Then, the most bizarre scene unfolded right before our very eyes. A normal looking man in his late thirties, dressed nicely in business attire, approached the driver in the black car. He proceeded to start yelling at him. Telling him that what he was doing was illegal. I had a feeling that the black cars were not allowed to pick-up passengers (that's reserved for the yellow cabs). This man obviously felt very strongly about what the black car man was doing. He kept on yelling, now telling the man to "get out of the car!". My mom and I, staring wide eyed, were both thinking, "what's he planning on doing IF the driver gets out of the car?". Eventually, the man in the car drove off, but not before the random businessman, who felt strongly about transport laws, smacked the back of his car. Fairly big scene. Nobody, but us, seemed to notice.

vest {Zara} - white tee {American Apparel} - square necklace {gift from Mexico} - silver necklace {Banana Republic} -
glasses & yellow tote {Brooklyn Flea} - white watch {Palm Desert street market} - blue belt {Loft} -
navy trousers {Uniqlo} - loafers {Dolce Vita via Century 21} - photo credit {Kiki}

Or, how about when my Mom and I caught a cab from the hotel to Saks. The cabbie was busy chatting away on his cell phone the moment we entered the cab. We drove for a few minutes before he realized that he had not turned on his meter. He told us this as if it were our fault. Riiiight! Excuse me while I lean over you and your very important phone call to turn on YOUR meter in YOUR taxi. He mumbles something along the lines of making up the difference. So, we get to Saks and we pay by credit card. I choose the largest tip option possible, which is an exorbitant 30%, by the way. My Mom gets out ahead of me, and as I am scooting my tush across the seat and am halfway out the door, he says to me, "you know you only tipped me $1.50". Really? Are you seriously complaining about the tip I just gave you? The total bill was a whopping $4.00 (it would have been maybe $6.00, if he had turned his meter on at the start). I explained to him that I chose the largest tip option I could. He countered with the fact that we had gotten half the ride for free. At this point, annoyed that this conversation is even taking place, my response to rude, chatty cabby was "not our problem, bud!". His choice of vocabularly following this comment showed me that he did not share my sentiment. We are talking a difference of a couple singles here, which was entirely and completely his fault.

I feel as though I should share one last cab driver story, because not all of them are rude jerks. Again, during my Mom's visit (who can tell that I don't take cabs unless my Mom is here...) when we were bringing the bag full of clothes she brought me from the hotel to my place, we caught a cab during rush hour. I live all the way downtown so this was actually a pretty long trip. We probably spent half an hour in the taxi. The saving grace of this cab ride, though, was our broadway tune loving cab driver. His all-time favorites being Disney, of course. He also knew all the words and wasn't shy singing along to Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Simba and the rest of the gang. Dude, you can show me the world any day!

Who knew taking taxis would prove to be such an exciting adventure. Don't get me wrong, the subway has its perks and boy does it have its adventures too. But that's a whole other post altogether!



  1. Taking a cab in NYC is always interesting haha... hailing a taxi in a rainstorm was the worst! No one wants to pull over for a soaking wet mess LOL

  2. Cute outfit, Jaimie! You totally know how to work the camera ;). How did you do that cool color palette for your first pic? And do the rest of your pics have rounded edges thanks to an iPhone app? I'm always trying to learn how ppl make their blogs look more interesting and less amateurish :).

    1. Thanks Jenn! :) I always feel pretty awkward posing for these pics haha. I used Photoshop elements to round the corners and make the color palette. It's pretty simple actually, I'm self-taught. It's a basic version of full on photoshop. The palette is fun to do in photoshop because you can click on your photo and they match the color as closely as possible!

  3. HI Jaimie!!
    I just catch up on all your posts - you are SO great!! i love this outfit BTW and I'm going to try and recreate it this summer. Can you text me your email address so i can send a wonderful email to a wonderful friend! xoxo


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