Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blue Tie {Not} Optional

I busted out the formal attire for class today. Black tie...err, I mean blue tie, certainly not optional. Only the best for Professor Poshy Poshy Poo Poo. She cracks me up every class. Most recently, when discussing the benefits of plied yarn, I believe, she said it is often used in exercise clothing because "it is unhealthy to jiggle when we wiggle". Classic.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to my beyond amazing iPhonography (that's a made up term for photographer using an iPhone). She is very patient (truth), always humble (lies...) and slightly crazy (more lies...big time cray cray). Everyone, meet Crazy K, or as I am now going to refer to her, Kiki. Her and I, we often meet up before our Textiles class on Mondays. We always get a chai (okay, fine...I always get a chai), we always take some outfit pics (okay, fine....I always beg her to take outfit pics) and we definitely always have some laughs (okay, fine...she only started laughing after I took back my extremely heavy book bag, purse and wool coat from her one free shoulder). Moral of the story? Kiki is a gem. And a very good photo stager....scroll down to see her magic.

blue & black flannel {Aritzia} - blue tie sweater & tan denim trousers {Forever 21} -
beige suede booties {Dolce Vita via Century 21}

She instructed me to "go stand by the cab and whip my head around". Because I don't already look crazy enough posing in the middle of the sidewalk. First whip. And she got it! That is some serious iPhone clicking skills. My neck thanks you Kiki.


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