Sunday, 25 March 2012

Springtime Nautica

I'm going to keep this short tonight, friends. I've been on my computer for the past twelve hours straight working on a HUGE project for my Fashion Industry Profile class. It's a fun project (to me anyways, I get to play with InDesign) but my eyeballs are starting to cross. Yesterday, Kiki helped me out for a small part of the project and we styled ten! different looks, dressed me up and then she took lots and lots of photos of me. It turned out really well and I can't wait to see the finished product once I have it all together. Don't worry, many of the photos we took yesterday will likely end up here in the near future. I can't let ten outfit shoots go to waste, now can I!

white crocheted sweater {h&m} - nautical rope tee & blue beads {Banana Republic} - yellow belt {Old Navy} - bright blue skinnies {Gap} -
striped canvas flats {Report via Century 21} - bracelets {gifts from my Mama, doesn't she have good taste?!?} -
white watch {Palm Desert street market} - photo credit {Kiki}

I really can't thank that girl enough, not only, for taking pretty much all of my outfit photos the last little while but also for putting up with a whopping ten outfits in one day! Kiki, you're a star.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend!


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