Monday, 19 March 2012

Country Mouse Visits City Mouse

Spring Break is officially over! I had such an amazing time, it's going to be really hard to get back into school mode. I started out the break with a visit from my bestie, Sand. She was only here for two full days so we crammed a lot of funness into those 48 hours. Needless to say I was one tired lady when she left on Monday.

There were subway rides, scary cab rides, the Brooklyn Flea, shopping, food, more shopping, more food, an amazing cover band at an amazing NYC bar, dancing, posing with cheesy tourist attractions, waiting in line for discounted Broadway tickets, New York bagels, modeling new purchases, playing dress-up in my closet (Sand's favorite pasttime) and lastly Mamma Mia on Sunday night.

I'll admit I was a little anxious about Sand's visit. Only because she was my very first visitor since moving here (besides my parents) and I felt like I had to show her a certain level of fun! This is silly, I know, since we would have fun doing whatever, no matter what. But I think I delivered, with the help of my friend, Kiki. Kiki took us to Cafe Wha on Saturday night and it was the most fun any of us had had in a long time. After watching the most unreal beat boxer any of us had ever seen, Sand leaned over, big grin on her face and shouted in my ear, "I haven't lived until this moment". I think she had a good time! Mission accomplished. The fun didn't stop there. We ended her stay by going to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. It was all of our first live muscial experiences and we were not disappointed. Obviously we had all seen the movie so knew the story but seeing a production live is a whole other thing. We were grooving in our seats and singing along the whole time! I was sad to see her go but she promised me she would be back sooner versus later, hopefully with a certain Sasha Rae in tow. I will hold her to this!

Come back soon Sand,  NYC and I miss you!


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