Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Five Faves of NYFW

I know I'm a little bit after the fact here but I had to do a whopper of a project for my Fashion Industry Profile class and I thought I would share just a snippet (I'm talking less then 10% of the project) with you all. After looking through hundreds of photos from dozens and dozens of runway shows during NYFW, I have selected my top five shows. For the most part, I was drawn to designers who shared my aesthetic - simple, chic, sophisticated - but there are two in here that were just so drop dead glamorous that it would have been a crime not to include them. I'm talking to you Marchesa and Badgley Mischka!

Arguably my all time favorite. Probably because I literally want to own every. single. look. Elie Tahari's ready to wear collection was effortlessly chic with a vibrant sophistication. I love love love the bottom middle look. I mean, come on, a fuschia leather blazer paired with red skinnies. What's not to love? Whoever said pink and red don't go together should be taken out back and shot (a touch extreme perhaps, but I feel that strongly about this look...).

Aztec, eat your little heart out! Christian Cota's collection is fit for a bohemian love story. Gloriously graphic and perfectly colorful, this collection was made for my bestie, Sasha Rae. Just the right amount of hip, in all senses of the word. A wee bit hippy chic. The perfect balance of urban hipster.

Meant to give a nod to ladies of the fifties who dressed up to go to the movies, Lyn Devon's collection was chic, sophisticated but, most importantly, quirky. I loved the color palette and especially the bold prints - those are love bird print pants on the top middle model. Huge bonus points for incorporating a four-legged friend into the presentation. Enough said.

Badgley and Mischka's collection was a display of pure elegance, sophistication and glamour. The silhouettes of each and every piece - from the form fitting gowns to the metallic denim and blazers - hit all the right notes, or should I say curves. Don't even get me started on the styling of the models. So much drama. So much love.

All images via style.com

Simply put, this collection blew my mind. Overtly feminine. Intricately and beyond gorgeously detailed. Marchesa's collection looks fit for royalty with it's supreme elegance and grace. Lost for adequate words to describe the majesty that is Marchesa.

There you have it. My favorite five for Fall 2012. I hope you enjoyed looking at some truly beautiful pieces of art up there. I truly enjoyed selecting them!



  1. Now we're talking! Your true Blog talents really do shine on this one!

  2. Sheesh. You know me TOO WELL!! The Christian Cota collection instantly caught my attention. I spent a long while staring at it before I saw your write up! J'adore. xo


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