Thursday, 2 February 2012

Keeping it Simple

I have a confession to make. Usually if you see a photo of me wearing heels, I've just put them on for the photo and then I go right back to wearing flats or boots. Whew, I feel so much better. Not this time, friends! That's right, I actually wore these puppies to class. AND travelled home on the subway still in them. Notice how I said travelled home? Okay, so I cheated just a bit. I bought these suede wedge booties on my way to class (Manhattan is a bit of a problem for this shopaholic) and was bullied into changing into them by a shoe snob friend (nice guy). I even got off at the wrong stop (due to an impromptu subway photoshoot with a different friend - highly difficult, somewhat obnoxious, don't recommend, want to do it again) and had to walk in them. My feet were not screaming bloody murder by the time we got to our building so I consider this a success and even more, money well spent.

white blouse {Loft} - necklace {thrifted} - blue belt {Loft} - rock ring {Urban Outfitters} -
dark denim skinnies {Flying Monkey via Century 21} - suede wedge booties {Dolce Vita via Century 21}

Some things I've learned this week:

1. Registration at ALL universities is vague at best. There are gazillions of rules, requirements and details that can be difficult to make sense of. (Minor registration issue that will hopefully be sorted out tomorrow.)

2. With the right pair of shoes, I can walk in heels without looking like a drunk donkey.

3. Volunteering to work at your design prof's booth at the NY Gifts Tradeshow is great networking and makes you feel all warm inside (perhaps a sign I do not do enough good deeds).

4. They were not kidding when they said get ready for sleepless nights in our orientation. Holy homework!

5. Most fabric stores in NYC give students up to 10 free swatches a day. This is a whole lot more exciting than it sounds.

6. Rats really do live in the subway.

7. I am not afraid of rats if they are safely below me and not at risk of coming into contact with me. (I was the crazy taking!)

8. I now walk like a New Yorker (a fellow student told me this as he ran to keep up with me). This is irony at its best considering I am the slowest walker of all my friends back home.

9. Food off the street is delicious (even when you have no clue what you're ordering) and cheap.
**After receiving a panicked phone call from my Mom asking if I was eating food left on the street, I feel the need to clarify that I am referring to food purchased from street vendors. (Big difference!)**

10. You must always, always double and triple check all requirements for your academic program. Once you think you have it down, you best check one more time (see point 1).


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  1. Pffft. You're still a slow walker. Haha, miss your guts! XO


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