Sunday, 29 January 2012

Central Park Style

I know, it's been a while. But my parents were in NYC this weekend and I was busy playing tour guide. Which is pretty funny because I've only been here two weeks and hardly know my way around yet. But surely my subway skills impressed them when I took them on it for the first time. My Mom looked not so sure, thought I stood way too close to the edge of the platform and insisted I travel by taxi if I was going home after 10pm. Can't say I turned down that offer. We did some touristy things, such as, walking through Central Park in the unseasonably warm winter weather (thank-you Mother Nature). Central Park is honestly like a little oasis in the middle of Manhattan. It's quite peaceful despite the roller-skate dance party we stumbled upon. You can see actual expanses of land, trees and greenery. Who says NYC doesn't have nature! Not going to lie, it was beyond amazing to have my personal photographer back on the scene!

We checked out the John Lennon memorial and his former residence which is right across from the park. Even saw the first little sign of Spring. Spring! In January. Here's hoping!

teal crocheted sweater, white blouse & bangles {Ann Taylor Loft} - black denim skinnies {Old Navy} -
tan riding-inspired boots {The Bay}

It was so great to see my parents and show them around my new home. It was also nice to be fed from really great restaurants for a little while. Back to the starving student meal plan I know all too well.

This week, classes will really start to get going. And since pretty much every one of my professors has warned us of sleepless nights to come (Ms. Poshy Poshy Poo Poo herself said the Dean has given them permission to try and give us all a nervous breakdown - how nice!), I know this translates to lots and lots of work. My posting may be a little infrequent I'm afraid, but I will do my best to keep you all up to date with the latest in my world. Because I know you were all getting a bit worried there.


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