Monday, 9 January 2012

Open Double

This is the dress I was wearing when I opened my email to find that Parsons had finally emailed me my housing assignment. A quick scan of the email was all that was needed to see those two words sitting beside one another. Standing alone, those two words are quite ordinary. But together in this email they were glaringly conspicuous. I have been assigned to an open double room. Not only do I have to share a room with another person, I have to share it with the kitchen and living area. I think I preferred not knowing. At least I had this view and time for frollicking in this pretty dress to take the sting off.

orange striped dress {Winners} - black cut-out sandals {Nine West via DSW} - gold cuff {thrifted}

Before I left Vancouver Island, I visited a tea leaf reader in Nanaimo. She told me something that didn't make much sense at the time. Something I brushed off as random. She told me that I wasn't going to sleep very much in New York. I laughed and chalked it up to late night study sessions and perhaps a party or two. Looks like I may have thought wrong. Oh well. I am determined not to dwell on things I can't change. In keeping my new year's resolutions and thinking of mantra number five, all I can do now is embrace what is. So, here's to meeting new friends and being closest to the fridge. May my roomie please be pleasant. Pretty please.


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