Friday, 6 January 2012

Crazy Boat Lady

Welcome to part two of M and I's mega photoshoot. You can check out part one here. One quick outfit change in the parking lot (class act right here) in the little town of Koloa and we were off to find new backdrops. Enter decrepid boat on stilts. Complete with a crazy boat lady. Well, to be fair, she was more confrontational than crazy. She definitely thought that we were crazy. Okay, so here's the story. We saw this boat and felt it would be perfect as a backdrop. There was a lady working in the adjoining yard, so being the respectful young ladies that we are, we decided to ask her permission for me to pose in front of the boat (OK, fine. M was the respectful one who asked). Turns out she worked for an ocean tour company and this was one of their out-of-commission boats. What we thought was simply a courtesy question turned out to be a completely foreign concept to this skeptic. In a not-so-friendly manner, the boat lady interrogated us about what we were going to do with the photos. Here we go, I thought. Try explaining a fashion blog to someone who wears wool socks with their birkenstocks on the regular. I gave it a go, being sure to emphasize that I only wanted to stand in front of the boat, not get in it or anything crazy like that. Her feathers continued to be ruffled at the thought of the boat's name (and hence the company's name) appearing in the photos. What she thought we were going to do with the photos remains a mystery. I quickly assured her that the name would not appear in the photos as I would only stand on the one side of the old boat. I was about to tell her to forget it when she reluctantly agreed, probably only because she was tired of talking to the crazy girl wearing wedges. We seized our opportunity and M snapped a few pics of me posing in front of the old brute. Moments later a truck pulled up and a man got out. I thought, oh great here we go again. With a smile on his face he asked if we were making fun of his boat. Quite the opposite, I told him. M relayed that we had just asked "his wife" permission. He swiftly and determinedly corrected her mistake. Ha! Don't blame ya, buddy! He chatted a minute longer with us, telling us what he planned to do to refurbish his baby. His parting words to us were, "I better see those pics on Facebook!". Now that's the response I was looking for.

fuschia lace blouse {Urban Outfitters} - best tank ever {Costco!} - dark denim skirt & yellow belt {Old Navy} - aviator sunnies {Windsor} - green wedges {The Bay} - flower hair clip {ABC Store, Kaua'i}

Since we decided not to loiter for too long by the boat, we moved along and found this old white garage for me to pose in front of. Turns out it was covered with a weird chalky substance that came off on my hands. Why I decided to smell my hands is beyond me, but I did. And they did not smell pleasant. So being the classy lady that I am, I rolled my skirt up and wiped my hands on the inside of it. What? I wasn't about to wipe them on the outside of my skirt!

Between the crazy boat lady and the gross chalky garage, we managed to get some good shots and have lots of laughs. Stay tuned for the third and final part of our mega Hawaiian photoshoot.


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