Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Paisley Paradise

I've been doing a lot of pondering today. It's hard to believe that I'm going to be in New York in about a week and a half. Mainly because I don't yet have a place to live. Minor detail, right? I've been checking my email pretty much on the hour for the past two days hoping for word on my residence application. Still nothing. I phoned Parsons before Christmas to find out when I would hear if I got in to the grad residence building. The automated message told me the first week of January. So I emailed them to see if there was any way to find out earlier given that I have to be there by the 15th and, in the event that I do not get in, this would not leave me a lot of time to find alternate accommodations. They told me no. (What?! I don't get special treatment? Shocking....not really). They did tell me that if I marked "William Street Residence" on my application (which I did), it was highly likely that I would get in. Joy. I was overwhelmed by their confidence. But, alas, I could not and still can't do anything about it. Highly likely it is, I guess.

teal tank {Old Navy} - paisley skirt {Zara} - tan sandals {Aldo} -
tote bag {secret santa gift} - wooden beads {Banana Republic}

I'm also trying to prepare myself for the horrifically nightmarish highly likely possibility of getting placed in a double room. The building is comprised of 3 or 4 people suites but I've chosen a single room as my first choice. I've already shared a room with another person in my first year at UVic. And while I definitely don't regret doing this at the age of eighteen, I feel as though I've paid my dues. Been there, done that. However, it may come down to cardboard box or double room so obviously I will take what I can get. Exactly how big is this cardboard box though?


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