Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Senses of the City

Inspired by a post from one of my fave bloggers, I decided to focus on the senses as I navigated my way around the city today. The two senses that I found most stimulated today were hearing and feeling so I am going to focus solely on them.

navajo sweater {Forever 21} - white blouse {Ann Taylor Loft} - faux fur snood {Calvin Klein via Locale} -
black denim skinnies {Old Navy} - red tribal necklace {Laila Rowe}

Today, I heard:

  • the painfully loud screeching of cement being drilled;
  • honking;
  • accents and foreign languages being spoken;
  • more honking;
  • the click clack clickity clack of heels on pavement;
  • awkward introductions among new students;
  • the glorious whirring of Starbucks' espresso machines;
  • rain drops dropping on my new faux fur snood (not cool);
  • the intense roar of the subway as it hurtled into the station;
  • even more honking and;
  • the friendly voice of the director of international student services as she welcomed us all to The New School and New York City.

Today, I felt:
  • lonely when I first woke up (mornings are the hardest for me);
  • slightly panicked when realizing I was lost, had only 15 minutes until orientation began and still hadn't made it to the subway station (I fought temptation to hail a cab, turned around, found the subway station and was only a mere 10 minutes late);
  • excited about all of the amazing opportunities that lie ahead;
  • grateful that I made a friend in the first session (a fellow canuck!);
  • the rain slowly seeping through my boots;
  • ridiculously ravenous because being on sensory overload makes me forget to eat;
  • other people's bodies pushed up against me on the jam-packed subway and;
  • hopeful after meeting the first of three roomies and discovering that she is quite pleasant and a fashion design major.
I really did mean to snap some photos while I was out and about but I'm too focused on not getting lost and then trying not to look completely and utterly lost when I end up lost. This results in my iPhone being used solely as my personal GPS and not so much as a camera.



  1. How exciting! What are you doing in NY?! Man, I want to take another trip there!

    1. I'm about to start the fashion marketing program at Parsons! Been here for almost a week now and slowly starting to settle in to the way of the City. :)

  2. Such a great idea to wear a white collared shirt under that short sleeved sweater! Very cute! I love visiting NYC... you're going to enjoy it there. PS. Mornings are the hardest for me too, I thought I was the only one.


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