Monday, 16 January 2012

360 Degrees

The following photos were taken in one spot. Just past the foot of my bed. Welcome to my new abode. In NYC!

Top left we've got the looong front hallway. Plastic bowling set anyone? Moving to the right we see my bedroom (I'm the left side). Bottom left we see the edge of my desk which is against the foot of my bed, my closet and dresser (kudos on the closet space New School), the second bedroom straight ahead and my bathroom (shared with only my one roomie) on the left. Last but not least, to complete this 360 degree tour, I give you the kitchen which directly faces my bedroom (top right photo). There you have it. For only 300 and some odd square feet, it actually feels pretty spacious. Wow. Look at me go with all this positive thinking.

Today is a holiday in America so that means no orientation until tomorrow. Which really means time for me to explore and inevitably get lost. Thank you in advance new iPhone for helping me find my way back to the blue line you so nicely set out for me.


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  1. So exciting! I love NY.

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