Wednesday, 22 February 2012

J. Loves {Her} Style: Color Outside the Lines

Meet Kanika. She's from India and I love her style. Read on to find out why!

Kanika wore this colorful ensemble to one of our Color Theory classes. Perfect, no? I think so. She arrived just a minute late so all heads turned as she made her entrance into class. They probably would have turned anyways. I loved her look right away. Especially the fuschia scarf with the mustard blazer. Obviously a statement. Obviously not something just anyone could pull off. I think Kanika pulled it off really well. She had fun with color and prints and wasn't afraid of making a mistake. She then rocked this look with such confidence, I would've dared someone to tell her it didn't work.

When you're wearing an outfit like this, you can't really be surprised when some crazy asks to take your picture. She agreed to indulge me after class and this girl's got some serious poses up her sleeve. She was working that camera iPhone so hard it was making me jealous.

Kanika joked with me that her outfit resembled a clown's. I think that's the main reason this look worked for her. She has such a fun spirit about her and isn't afraid to poke fun at herself. It's daring, bold, a little bit eccentric yet still youthful but most of all, it's fun! I'm pretty sure you can't help but smile when looking at this outfit.

Notice those two amazing bags she's rocking? I love the brown one on the left. I'd die for that buckle (okay, so that's a teensy bit dramatic...). And the one on the right says, "The Doors", in Hindi. How cool is that? Wanna know what's even cooler? Kanika, along with two of her friends, designed these bags. They legit have a handbag company. It's called Yelo Bags and you should check them out. I just read an interview with them that they posted on their blog and I'm kinda in love with all of them.

Thanks to Kanika for posing up a storm for me and for introducing me to the coolest handbag company ever. I'm pretty sure I need a Yelo bag now!


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  1. yelo j -
    love this whole thing that kanika has going on here - it definitely works on her. love her confidence also. you fashion gals have the best resource for inspiration... each other! adorable. keep it coming my friend!
    xx shari ana


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