Friday, 24 February 2012

Blazers & Loafers Beautiful

Hi friends. It feels like I haven't done a bona fide outfit post in a while. You recall my phobia of tripod swiping thiefs, don't you? Well, there's that. And the fact that I am in school. What?! I didn't just move to NYC to shop everyday and roam the streets taking photos. Oh well. The past few days have been beautiful here. I'm talking blazers and loafers beautiful. No coat needed. Spring, is that you? {Quick sidebar to brag tell you all that my blazer was thrifted a while back in Victoria and is real deal vintage. 100% wool. Made in Canada. Fits me like a glove. Cost less than my starbucks.}

I was assigned a group project for Marketing and as it turns out my friend, Sesame, is in that class and we were able to pick our own groups. We, along with one other girl, have to write a marketing plan for Abercrombie & Fitch either advising them or not to break into the plus-sized juniors market. Sort of a delicate subject. Sort of controversial. Sort of love it. For our first group meeting we decided to go visit the A&F flagship store on 5th Avenue. Have you ever been into one of their stores!? It was like entering another universe. Or "trendy" downtown club. Complete with half-naked men boys standing at the door waiting to be photographed with barely definitely not legal girls as they enter the store. And we mustn't forget the dancing sales girls on every level. All five of them. Yes, there were five levels. I have never actually shopped at an A&F store before, probably because it would be too big a blow to my self-esteem when their largest size stops halfway up my...what are those things called again...oh right, thighs! All jokes aside, yes they have very small sizing standards but, do they ever know how to merchandise (fancy word for display...yes I'm showing off my school smarts here) their clothing. Never have skinny jeans, cut-off shorts and primary colored polo tees looked so appealing. Each wall was like a rainbow of collared cotton. Unfortunately, the pretty colors were not enough to distract me from the pounding music they had playing. While I am the first to admit that I am an old lady at heart, I really think everyone would agree with me that they need to turn that bass down a few notches. This is a clothing store people, not a nightclub. I really think someone ought to tell those poor dancing sales girls...

cranberry & grey houndstooth blazer {thrifted via VV Boutique} - floral tank {Old Navy} - fringe necklace {Aerie} -
rock ring {Urban Outfitters} - dark denim skinnies {Flying Monkey via Century 21} - tan leather loafers {thrifted Zara via Housing Works}

After we were done checking out all five levels and had definitely filled our quota of dancing sales girls, we booked it out of there. We took advantage of the warm weather, stopping to take photos as we found our way to a cute little swedish cafe. It was an entertaining afternoon, to say the least. Thanks to Sesame for being my photographer so that my paranoia could remain safely in check, for at least a little bit longer.

One more thing! In case you can't get enough of me (haha...) my roomie interviewed me about my style for one of her classes and you can read it here. She thought she was imposing when she asked me to answer a few questions one night...little did she know I live for questionnaires, surveys, forms etc. Ya, I'm a weirdo, I know.



  1. Nice! I also agree with how over loud the music is in A&F. I usually waited outside while my daughter shopped inside. Just couldn't handle it...but then they were not trying to sell me clothes!

  2. The pairing of the floral top and that blazer is so lovely! I haven't been in AF but I've walked by the store at the mall and boy, oh boy, I can smell the perfume just from walking by.


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