Wednesday, 15 February 2012

NYFW is the Perfect Valentine

Happy V-Day friends! What's left of it anyways. I spent mine hanging out in Lincoln Center with my uber-fashionable roomie, Maria. We may have fibbed our way into the lobby of fashion week. No. Big. Deal. We also may have snuck walked purposefully into "The Box", which turned out to be a showing of a designer's collection. Very cool, despite the miserable looking models (Hey! They had been standing there for an hour and a half - who could blame them?). It was really neat to be a part of the fashion week buzz, even if we didn't actually get to see a show. There was lots of people watching to keep us busy. And styles and clothes that even the craziest imaginations could not have believed.

beige & black cropped jacket {thrifted via AuH2O} - rose shirt {Jacob} - red skinnies {Forever 21} - beige suede booties {Dolce Vita via Century 21}

It was the perfect way to spend a "single" Valentines Day. The first in five years. Gulp. It also helped that I have the best girlfriends in the world. I woke up to a phone call from one Ky Mariah, who I haven't spoken to in ages (she's a social media phobe but we still love her). And I got some Facebook loving from the other two, Sand and Sasha Rae! Those girls are really the best besties a girl could ask for. Love you ladies!

As mentioned last week, I did actually get the amazing opportunity to volunteer at a runway show on the weekend. So check back in the next couple days for some stories and photos from that adventure.


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  1. I always wondered if I could just "happen" to walk into Fashion Week when my boyfriend used to be in law school right next to Lincoln Center. How awesome that you proved it possible! (Even though they're totally going to ramp up security next year because of you and ruin everyone else's attempts!)

    I just love those plaid ladies.


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