Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oxford Army

So I may have done just a wee bit of shopping this weekend. I may be wearing an entirely new outfit, with the exception of my jeans. Okay, fine! There is no doubt about it, I did go shopping this weekend and I am most definitely wearing my newly purchased items. I just can't help myself sometimes. We'll blame it on my professor who let us out of class early on Thursday, Forever 21 for being located across from the subway stop and Century 21 for being located too close to my building. Yep, I feel better about things now.

army jacket, sweater & necklace {Forever 21} - blue scarf {Palm Desert street market} -
dark denim skinnies {Flying Monkey via Century 21} - burgundy oxfords {Dolce Vita via Century 21}

What with the plethora of sixteen year olds who will be wearing the same items as me and the quality of said items (or lack thereof), I really try not to buy things from Forever 21, not going to lie. But they really do have cute things most of the time. And don't even get me started on their price tags. Or jewlery section. I mean, come on, less than $5 for the necklace I'm wearing. Really, Forever 21? You are killing me....in a really good way.

I am going to try (try being the key word in this sentence) to refrain myself from shopping for the next 10 days. Because in 10 days I get a visit from one of my besties, Sand. I am beyond excited. She's been working on the East Coast of Canada for the past 9 months, either on a boat or in the lab. This means she's been wearing long johns, birkenstocks and wool socks...most likely all at the same time (you know it's true, Sand!). I know she'll want to do a little shopping with me, so obviously I will oblige (twist my rubber arm). I think some thrifting and definitely the Brooklyn Flea are in order. I can go 10 days without buying something, right? My track record tends to say otherwise...


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