Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mad Hatter

Good evening lovelies. I'm writing this post at 1:00am because I have a very busy week ahead of me and I have the time at this moment. A quick preview into my next couple days to keep you all coming back. On Wednesday, I am going to the IFB Conference. This is a fashion blogging conference that's being held at Milk Studios in NYC. I am so excited to meet other bloggers, learn  a lot and, I'll be honest here, I'm also pretty freaking excited for the swag bags! I'm already plotting my outfit because I will be in a room full of uber-stylish fashionistas so the pressure is on. As if that's not enough, on Friday I'm volunteering for the Jen Kao runway show during NY Fashion Week. No. Big. Deal. Definitely more to come on those two events! In the meantime, as if fleaing (here I go, making up words again) wasn't enough for one weekend, my friend Sesame and I went thrifting on Sunday in hunt for a 40's dress for her to wear to a themed wedding. Obviously there was some photo-taking and stops for food along the way.

Finger-less gloves are my new best friend. Each of us was rocking a pair so obviously a photo had to be taken. Yes, those are zippers are on ear lobes. A flea purchase from the day before.

Shopping takes stamina so sustenance was sought. Twelve blocks away. But so totally worth it at Ess-A-Bagel. We got a sweet and a savory one and went halfers. Cinnamon raison bagel with apple cinnamon cream cheese. And an everything bagel with lox cream cheese. Pretty sure I died and went to heaven right there in the shop. A quick stop for a london fog (earl grey tea latte) and giant cookie was also in order.

The first stop was the "thriftique", AuH2O, where no 40's dresses were found. The 80's did call while we were there and Madonna wants her jacket back. As amazing as this jacket was, it did not come home with me. Don't worry, two other items did.

Our next stop was Village Style (where I bought this coat). They have the best selection of vintage hats. Sesame modelled a few for me and ended up finding a gorgeous baby blue and lavender beaded floral headpiece that we decided is definitely reminiscent of the 40's. Now, to find a dress to match the headpiece.

striped scarf {gift} - green wool coat {Aritzia} - green finger-less gloves {Angelrox} - white leather purse {Coach} -
beige top {Winners} - gold bird cage necklace {Brooklyn Flea} - bright blue skinnies {The Gap} - tan riding-inspired boots {The Bay}

It really was a great weekend. I can't wait for all of the exciting events I have coming up this week, so check back soon as I'll be sure to fill you all in.

Now, it's really past my bedtime. It is a school night after all.


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