Sunday, 16 October 2011

Western Frills vs. Combat Cool

Happy weekend friends!

Sasha Rae and I spent another Saturday together (as per usual). We used to have Sand too until she moved to New Brunswick for a real (big kid) job a couple months ago. Ky completes our foursome but currently spends her days in Toronto. When I leave the Island at the end of November, it will be the first time in 8 years that the four of us have each been living in different locations. Gross.

The four of us met in first year university. We were all from out of town (and different towns at that: Toronto, Calgary, Fernie and Horsefly). We all lived in Rez. We all lived in the same building. On the same floor. I met Sand first, on the very first night (my 18th birthday, in fact). She was looking for a party. It was my birthday. It was love at first sight. Ky arrived a couple days late. In the middle of the night (classic Ky). Loudly. She was my next-door neighbour. Did I mention Ky is loud? It's funny but I don't actually remember meeting Sasha. However, it happened and Sash and I were basically inseparable for the rest of the year (and several more to follow). I do recall seeing Sasha before meeting her and thinking she was pretty and that I wanted to be her friend. Creepy. But true.

The four of us are as different as different can be. We like different things. We all studied completely different things in school and we all have a different career (or plan for a career). Each one of our personalities is completely unique. Odds were certainly against the four of us females to get along so well and bond so strongly. But we did. Anyways, the four of us became great friends. We moved off campus together and lived in a house together for several more years. We have travelled together. We grew up together. We became family. I am thankful for each one of my ladies and am so happy that we have maintained our friendship so well over the past 8 years.

Back to Saturday. It's mid-October but it was beautiful out. Thank-you Victoria. Sasha and I decided to go for a photo walk because we were both wearing cute outfits. I have named my look Western Frills and I think Sasha looks Combat Cool. We walked around Moss Street Market and looked for eye-catching backdrops for our photos while we weaved our way through the character homes and still bountiful, sun-thirsty gardens of Fairfield.

I'll break down our outfits for you. Because you're all dying to know (obviously). Sasha is wearing a beautiful scarf (likely from one of her many travels), her new vintage Levi's denim jacket (re-worked courtesy of yours truly) and her forest green combat boots (from Decade).

I am donning thrifted blue beads from ages ago, a blue striped, ruffle shirt and skinny jeans (from Jacob), brown jacket (from Aritzia) and tan, riding-inspired boots (from The Bay).

This black cat followed us for blocks. Sasha loved it (of course). I did not (allergic). The cat loved me (of course). Some may think a black cat crossing their path numerous times is a bad omen. We thought of that too. We decided this time it was a sign of good luck, if anything. And we were pretty scientific when coming to that conclusion so we figure we're fine.  Sasha gave me a piece of advice today that I am going to hold on to. She told me to "be bold". She was referring to my blogging and photography. But I think it applies to many different aspects of my life. It is something I strive to be but am not quite. Something I will work on. One of my mantras.

How did you spend your Saturday?


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