Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cottage Country Chic

So. This unemployment business is tough work. Today, I cancelled most of my utilities for when I leave the Island at the end of November. Shaw kept me on hold for 30 minutes. Blast. But I was able to cancel my hydro online while I waited. That's multi-tasking folks. Next. I put hot curlers in my hair. Why you ask? Because I had the time. Sadly the curls fell right out. In fact they hardly even passed for soft waves by the time I took these photos. Didn't phase me though. Hard to get upset when you curled your hair for absolutely no reason. None at all.

I ran a few errands around downtown Victoria. Got myself a chai tea latte in Fisherman's Wharf. And scouted photoshoot locations reminiscent of country cottages.

I got dressed this morning while the curlers were still in my hair. I really thought I was going to have big, voluminous curls. Farrah Fawcett style. And so I was drawn to this green plaid retro-inspired shift dress. Add a slouchy crocheted grandma sweater. Call it an outfit. Sadly the hair didn't quite live up to my expectations. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

 lemon drop earrings {Etsy} - peach cobbler cashmere scarf {gift} -
white crocheted sweater {H&M} -green plaid dress {Paradise Clothing} -
earthy pearls {Hawaii} - jade bracelet, wooden bangle & black, white & leather cuff {gift} -
brown knee socks & tan riding-inspired boots {The Bay}

I'm still undecided on the medley of wrist goodies. Too much? Or just enough? Meh. I rocked them either way. 


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