Saturday, 22 October 2011

Current Tunes

On me: black blazer {Mexx} - striped dress {Lark & Sparrow} - tan boots {The Bay}
On Sasha: tan fringe top {Lark & Sparrow}

I apologize for being MIA this week. It was my last week of work. I work(ed) at a school. For those of you who didn't know. I had worked there since it opened two years ago. I met so many amazing people. Especially the students. Young people are inspiring. They inspire me to do better. To be better. It was an emotional day yesterday. Draining. I was touched to see the impact (however small) I have made at the school. In people's lives. I really did feel honoured.

Anyways. Not that I'm making excuses. But now that I'm done work, I will have lots more time for all of you. You're all dying from excitement. I know. I wanted to share with you some new music from an incredibly talented local band. They are Current Swell. The lead singer, Scott, is Sasha Rae's boyfriend. They have been together for five years. They are both ridiculously good looking. And really nice. And both extremely talented. It's unfair really. 

Anyways. We went to their CD release concert last night at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria. It was incredible. Here a few pics I snapped. Like a true groupie.

This is the original trio of Current Swell. Scott, Dave and Lou. I remember the first time I saw Current Swell play. It was at the campus pub at UVic. About six years ago. Sasha had her eye on Scott from the start. I had no idea how many shows I would be dragged to after that night. Lou left the band a couple years ago when he and his wife (my friend Rach) had a baby. The cutest baby. Ever. Lou came on stage last night to sing a special song. A song for their friend who passed away a couple years ago.

Two words.
Trombone. Swagger.
Enough said.

This is Scott jammin' away. I know you want to listen to one of my fave songs from their last album. Check it out here. You should also check their website so you can buy their new CD. Long Time Ago. Because it's awesome.

See you all soon (I Promise).


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