Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friendship Bracelet Bling

Happy Monday Friends!

This is my last week of work. It is bittersweet. I'm sad to leave a lot of great people. But I am excited for my new adventure. Speaking of that. I have applied to Parsons (my dream school) for the Fashion Marketing Program. I am waiting to hear if I am accepted. Gulp. Fingers crossed. If (when) I get in, the program would start at the end of January.

I have to move out of my condo by the end of November.

My Parents (whom I love very much) are going to be in Palm Springs at the end of November. I may have weasled my way into their trip. Score. I already have SO many outfit photos planned. OMG. And the shopping. So much shopping. Just wait.

From there, I will fly back to Calgary (my hometown) with the rents. For a month. With not a whole lot going on. I may go mental. Be warned. But I have a fun project planned. Involving photos. Past photos. Just wait.

Then. And it pains me to tell you this, it really does. The whole fam (I'm talking, parents, bro and girlfriend and grandparents) is hopping on a plane on Christmas Eve. Where are we going you ask? Sigh. Don't say I didn't warn you. We are going to Hawaii. Kauai to be exact. Aka paradise. And this part hurts me more than it hurts you, it really does. For 2 weeks! Tough life. I know. Spoiled rotten. I know. Best parents in the world. I know.

By the time I'm done frolicking around vacation destinations it will be the beginning of January. At which point I will head to NYC. To live. And go to school. I just have to get in to Parsons. I have to. I will. I will. I will.

Anyways. Last weekend I made some "bling"ed out friendship bracelets. Courtesy of Honestly...WTF. One of my daily blog reads. Check out the post that gave me my inspiration. The bracelets were a success. They inspired my outfit for the next work day. I chose to focus on accessories. And lots of em. I kept my outfit simple. Black and white. With killer shoes. Literally. Couldn't feel my feet by the end of the day. But it was worth it. For the outfit. For the sake of style. This was the first time I layered necklaces. I was pleased with the aethestic. I think it helped that I kept my actual clothing really plain.

                                      white button-up {Old Navy} - bronze skinny belt {Old Navy} - black pants {Suzy Shier} -
                                      oxford heels {Winners} - white pearl necklace {gift} - black pearls {hawaii} -
                                      rhinestone & chain necklace {Smart Set} - bracelet bling {DIY}

What do you think?


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