Monday, 12 December 2011

Stripes, Checks & Layers

I spent the better part of today unpacking the many boxes of clothes I had taking up all of the real estate on my bedroom floor. It was like an obstacle course to get from my bed to the bathroom. It was due time. I was slightly concerned that I was going to run out of room in my closet. I was most certain I was going to run out of hangers. Well, I managed to not run out of room thanks to some creative storage solutions. Think fifteen scarves on one hanger. Cork board turned jewelry holder. As predicted, however, I did run out of hangers. So, what did I do?

lava rock earrings {etsy} - white watch {Palm Desert street market} - striped cardigan and
black belt {Jacob} - blue & black flannel, black tunic and black leggings {Aritzia} -
black winter boots {Locale}

I ran from closet to closet throughout the house. My brother's closet. The front and back hall closets. Even my parents' closets. Stealing hangers as I went. Lucky for my brother since he doesn't live here anymore. Not so lucky for my parents on the other hand. It really couldn't be helped though. I turned into a hanger bandit. It was awesome.

I had no real intention of taking an outfit pic today. But before I knew it, I was dressed, assembling my tripod and posing outside without a jacket. In hindsight, this is not something I recommend. Posing outside without a jacket that is. I highly recommend the getting dressed part though.


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