Thursday, 15 December 2011

Mixed Metals

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Don't you love Wednesdays? I always did. Why? Because you're halfway to the weekend. When I was working, I found Wednesdays to be one of the most productive days of the week. Mondays are crazy. And you don't want to be there. So, basically they are the worst. Tuesdays I found highly unproductive because you're still getting back into work mode from those two glorious days off. And you're a little thrown off from the craziness of your Monday to get any real work done. But come Wednesday, you really hit your stride, or at least I did. You've settled into the work groove. Things are jiving just right. You're crossing items off that to-do list like it's going out of style. And you have that silent knowledge that tomorrow is Thursday. And you know what they say about Thursday, don't you? It comes before Friday. And Friday is the best day of all because Fridays are attached to those two glorious days we call the weekend. Plus Wednesday night always has the best shows to look forward to. What can I say? I'm a sucker for my shows.

Remember how I told you on Monday that I unpacked all of my boxes and organized my closet? Well, today I snapped a few pics of my pride and joy. Also known as my clothing and jewelry. I also lied to you on Monday. I thought I was going to use a corkboard for my jewelry but a trip to Ikea prompted a change of heart. I was in storage heaven. Everywhere I looked I saw possibilities for housing my baubles. In the end, I used a kitchen bar and hooks for my heaviest necklaces, two small white wire cylinders for hanging earrings around and that bronze 't'-shaped stand for my daintier necklaces.

That 't'-shaped stand was kind of a hassle to actually purchase. I saw it on display in a bedroom. It's tag told me I could find it in the seasonal section. Right by the check out. Once I got down there, I searched through the section. The stand was nowhere to be found. I was going to leave it. But my Mom saw that look in my eyes. The look I get when I really, really want something. It was perfect for my purposes. It was only five dollars. What more could I ask for? She quickly granted me permission to take her on a wild goose chase for this five dollar ornament stand that I had no intention of using to display ornaments. Unless you consider my necklaces ornaments, which I kind of do....anyways. We zigged and zagged our way back where we had come. Up to the bedroom section. I found the stand in one of the bedrooms. It was displaying these cute little heart ornaments. I took it to a sales associate who scanned it and told me there were eleven of them in stock. I relayed that I had been sent up there by another associate downstairs who said they were sold out. I asked if I could purchase the display one. That, they told me, was not up to them. Instead they would have to ask the Designer.

(Can we just take a moment to reflect on how amazing that job would be? Just the thought of being able to design Ikea showrooms all day. I could honestly spend days in there. And all of my money. Seriously.)

The Designer nods her approval so the associate proceeds to cut all of the ornaments off of the stand. Tells me there is no paperwork to be done, just a phone call. I witness the phone call and assume it is the check out being notified if my imminent arrival. Down we go again. Of course, the poor guy at the check out has no idea what I'm talking about and is giving me the crazy look for trying to sneak the display unit past him on his conveyor belt. Another phone call later and he directs me to another department. At least it's just around the corner. I get there and finally this lady does not give me the crazy look and even exclaims "I was waiting for you!". I was overjoyed to say the least. She takes my random display ornament stand from me and tells me she needs to print out a sticker for it. Five minutes later (are you hand-making the sticker lady???) she returns with my stand and it's sticker. She adds that she gave me a bit of a discount it being a display unit and all. Damn lady, now I feel bad for getting inpatient with you. A whopping eighty cents off my five dollar ornament stand and thirty minutes later, I am finally allowed to check out. But I could not have been happier with my purchase. It was absolutely perfect for my purpose.

So. The moral of this story is: having patience and a whole lot of time on your hands pays. Eighty cents to be exact.


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