Sunday, 11 December 2011

Snow Suit Sunday

Happy Weekend Friends! I hope you had a great one. Weekends are somewhat insignificant to me right now. What with being unemployed and all. Everyday is my weekend. Please don't hate because that's all going to change in the new year. I wish I could tell you all the amazing things I did this weekend. Like, witnessing a train being derailed, surfing on the Hawaiian coast and busting an international drug ring. But that would be confusing all the television and movies I've been watching with reality lying.

grey down parka {Jacob} - black denim skinnies {Old Navy} - black winter boots {Locale}

One thing I actually did this weekend was go shopping (shocking, I know). I've gone a little lot soft living on the West Coast for the past 8 years. So I freeze at any temperature lower than 5 degrees celsius. It's sad, really. I'm a bit embarrassed to call myself Canadian. Anyways, disturbing as this next sentence may be, it is the truth. Out of the 40+ shoes and 20+ jackets I currently own, none of them sufficed in this substance people are calling snow. Rumor has it, this substance can survive in New York too. Gross, right? That's what I thought. Needless to say, a shopping excursion was a must. I am now the proud owner of a down parka with a faux fur hood and water-proof, fleece-lined winter boots (that I don't slip in). Hooray! I also love me a good deal. And this jacket was a down-right steal! Originally priced at $290. Mine for $120. Jacob was having a 40% off sale. Then I noticed a little red damaged tag on this gem that read: "20% off, frayed". I inspected the jacket. Front and back, inside and out. You know the bungee cord on the inside that makes the waist cinch in? The end of one of the cords was frayed a wee bit. Bungee still works though. Easy fix. I confirmed with a sales associate that the 20% damage discount would be combined with the 40% discount. My heart started to sing. As of that wasn't good enough, at the register I was given a coupon that was scanned for the chance of winning an instant prize. Guess what? Another $25 off! My heart started doing the rumba right there in my chest.

I call this get-up the fashionable adult version of a snow suit. Remember snow suits? I do. Unfortunately. Growing up in Calgary and having a brother who ski raced, we spent most winter weekends in the mountains. I inherited most of my snow suits from my older cousin. At the time, I thought they were the bee's knees. I should have know better, considering the two suits I recall most vividly prompted my brother to come up with the following two nicknames for me: Banana on Skis and Pepto-Bismol.

Not the most creative nicknames, mind you, but they were certainly descriptive. I'll the leave the mental images to your own imagination.

Do you remember your snow suits from when you were a kid?


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