Monday, 19 December 2011

Laughing Butterfly

Today I had the most wonderful day. I got to shop. I didn't spend any of my money. And I even got paid to do it. Heaven, is that you? Nope. Instead, a woman who works with my parents. Who has a hatred for shopping (is this even possible?), gave me a mission to buy her a couple work outfits and was willing to pay me to do it. Well, mission glady accepted. After two trips to the mall and only a few returns, she is the new owner of three sweaters, a pair of pants, a necklace and a scarf. Two complete outfits and two thirds of another. All for under $150. I'm pleased to say mission accomplished.

bronze necklace {Aerie} - white watch {Palm Desert street market} - best tank top ever {Costco!} -
butterfly blouse {Target} - red skinnies {F21} - brown booties {kelly & katie via DSW}

Inbetween this shopping business, I was at my parents' office again. Doing Parsons stuff. Paperwork, applications, appointments and more paperwork. There are a lot of t's to be crossed and i's to be dotted before I am able to move to the States and take this program. But all totally worth it, obviously.

Never too busy to bully my Mom into taking my photo though. Actually it was more like whining begging. And a bit of flattery thrown in for good measure. I kept telling her she's so good at taking my photo (which is true) and that she loves it (she said so). Eventually I cracked her with my persuasive powers and she snapped a few pics of me in a spare office overlooking the LRT tracks. As always, we ended up having a good laugh. And guess what? She loved it! Right, Mom?


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