Wednesday, 8 August 2012

J. Loves {Her} Style: Boho Beauty

Meet Sasha Rae. She's from British Columbia, Canada. She is my bestie. And I love her style. Read on to find out why!


My two favorite hipsters. Arguably the only ones I like...(I kid, but not really). Yes, that's Sasha's boyfriend. Yes, he's in a band. Yes, they are both ridiculously good looking. But in that effortless, we don't give a hoot kinda way, that just makes everyone all the more envious.

Since Sash and I are living on opposite ends of the continent, we make up for it by daily creeping on each other through various forms of social media. She was at a music festival in Canmore, Alberta this past weekend and Instagrammed (is this a legit verb yet?...I hope so) the above photos. Not only did I creep them, I "liked" them all instantly and, taking my creeping to a whole new level, asked her to send them to me so I could blog about them.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this beauty for nearly ten years and I have got to watch as her style transformed and ultimately grew as she did. Sasha has always had a defined style, from surfer chic when I first met her to what I like to call urban boho - the style that I think she has been honing for the past several years. The thing about style is that, in order to effortlessly have it, I think you need to know yourself and be confident in presenting who you really are to the world. This is why Sasha has always had style. Even though it has changed with her tastes and preferences, she has always known "who she is" - one of her most admirable qualities.

She is the perfect balance of bohemian. She's free spirited yet shows restraint. Wildly creative and fiercely intelligent. Always polished - but not too polished - and never sloppy. Rarely does she brush her hair but always seems to have those perfect bedhead/beach waves that most girls spend hours striving for. She is laid-back yet pain-stakingly detail oriented, all at the same time. And her style has come to reflect all of these things in a beautifully cohesive way.

I better stop this love fest now and simply just say this: Sasha Rae is an urban bohemian and I love her and her style to bits.


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  1. Your words are too kind, my beautiful friend! I love you to bits Jaim! So much that I am going to ignore the fact that you called me a hipster. Haha. xoxo


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