Thursday, 30 August 2012

Birthday Suit

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I wasn't expecting much of anything since I knew I had two classes in the later afternoon and evening. My really good friend, Sesame, invited me to meet her for tea in the morning at this tea shop (that hails from my home and native land) that she had been wanting to show me for a while. This sounded like the perfect way to start out my 27th and that was just the beginning. Thanks to Sesame for making my day really special!!!

Some serious tea business going on up there. When I walked in, we had the whole place to ourselves and the lady working there also wished me a happy birthday. She had already pulled their selection of earl greys and had a sample of a delicious hibiscus iced tea waiting for me. Sesame had clearly laid the ground work. Most people do shots of alcohol on their birthday, I do shots of tea. I'm hardcore like that.

The fun didn't stop there. Next, we found our way to a great little restaurant called The Hummus Place. We ordered a bunch of dishes and shared.

Last but certainly not least, we ended with a red velvet cupcake from Molly's Cupcakes (who won Cupcake Wars btw...).

black tee {Zara} - necklace {Banana Republic} - grey skirt {Mexx} - black leather bracelet {NYC Chinatown} -
 beaded bracelet {gift via Victoria Chinatown} - NYC clutch {gift} - silver gladiators {Aldo}

It was a really great way to spend my day before having to go to two classes. Although, after going to Photoshop I was so excited to start the projects that it felt like another birthday gift of it's own. I'm a nerd like that. Ending the night with Fashion History, which I am least excited about this semester. I just find it a bit heavy and dry, although I should mention that my prof is the wackiest, most eccentric lady I have ever seen. So that should make for some interesting stories at the very least.

A quick thank you to my Mom for that amazing NYC clutch you see above. She very stealthily went back and bought it for me after I drooled over it in a store while she was here visiting. And one last thank you to my bestie, Sasha Rae, for my bracelet that came in my amazing birthday package. You know me too well...I love it.


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