Friday, 1 June 2012

Horsin' Around

So I said goodbye to nature, the sky and greenery this week and hello to the humid, sticky and smelly concrete jungle I know and love as New York. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately, which I think has contributed to my lack of posting lately. I've been thinking up some new ideas for this blog which have gotten the creative juices flowing again, so be excited about that. I'm also going to have to get creative with the outfit posts this summer because I am learning that wearing any clothing - let alone cute, fashionable clothing - in this humidity is a huge challenge for this freckle-faced, temperature sensitive ginger. I do have some exciting news to share, however, I'm going to make you look at me posing with some horses first. You're welcome...

leather detail tee {Zara} - black maxi skirt {Joe Fresh} - sunnies {H&M} - bronze skinny belt {Old Navy} -
bronze gladiator sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21}

I was pretty positive that my maned friend here was going to chomp my entire hand off, along with the carrot, so I kept on dropping it and pulling my hand away before he even got close to me. Eventually, after an embarassing number of attempts, I successfully fed him a couple carrots.

Okay, so I'm very excited to say that, as of Monday, I will be the social media intern at Bloomingdale's. I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity and can't wait to make the most out of this experience.



  1. Cute pictures! And congrats on the internship...that's very exciting


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