Sunday, 3 June 2012

Peace & Feathers

Happy Weekend Friends! Hope you all had a good one. I spent mine browsing flea markets and thrift stores in search of a vintage (or "vintage-y" looking) chair for my room, eating way too many eggs benedict and going for a walk along the West Side Highway (to balance out the benedicts...).

feather peace sign tank {H&M} - black shawl {Jacob} - tan maxi skirt {Joe Fresh} -
striped flats {Report via Century 21} - sunnies {H&M}

I'm finding it funny that when I lived in Victoria - land of the hipsters - my style was very non-hipster and now that I live in NYC, many of my outfits seem to be morphing into almost-hipster. I'm not fully there yet, I don't own enough plaid, ankle jeans and loafers to be considered full hipster. I've got nothing on the cool cats who reside in Brooklyn, that's for sure. Kiki and I went to listen to a friend DJ in Brooklyn the other night and once we sat down, I looked around the bar and, I kid you not, it was a sea of stripes and plaid.

Anyways, all this rambling about pretend hipster style has got me thinking about the evolution of personal style. I think a person's style can evolve throughout their lifetime. I think that circumstances play a large role in how we dress. I can feel my style changing but I still think it's a bit scattered. I'm trying to hone it, day by day, but I know that it will continually change to some degree. And I'm okay with that.



  1. Love the top. Would look good w/teal/black plaid capris/shorts.

    1. Thanks Style Eye! Love the suggestion, I may just have to keep an eye out for such a pair ;)


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