Monday, 11 June 2012


I have officially completed my first week as an intern in the Fashion Office of Bloomingdale's. I work three times a week and do everything from visual merchandising to social media. What does that mean exactly? So far, I have pulled clothes for a photoshoot, started researching men's trends for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, perused a model's portfolio during his go-see, become acquainted with the many departments and floors, delivered samples, picked up samples, carried a giant stuffed bear for 20 blocks (oh, hello Burberry, don't mind my sweaty brow and giant plush toy...), seen the buying office in all it's chaotic glory and everything inbetween.

Today I had the priviledge of pulling looks for a swimwear window for Gay Pride week. If all goes well, the looks I pulled and styled will be in an entire block of windows. Themed by color, I was a happy girl as I put my Color Theory skills to the test. Who knew it would actually be useful in the real world to know your red-orange from your orange and your yellow-orange from your yellow. 

I am having so much fun and learning lots each day. I have an amazing supervisor who offers the perfect amount of guidance while still letting you take ownership of your own projects. This internship is off to a great start!


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